IDM Project Gallery

This page presents, or links to IDM student projects.

Chicken Quest Game Play

Chicken Quest is an Oculus Go VR game developed by Grade 11 IDM students Madisin B., Shaun B. and Zak W. The game features AI controlled giant chicken enemies, animated using Mixamo, and programmed by the students.

Motion Capture Animation

An animation test for our RokokoMotion Capture System.

A more complete test with 2 different models.

Scary Mansion

This VR haunted house project was created by students Gabriel M. and Riley N. They developed the game concept and environment as a first person 3D game, then added a VR player and other additional components.

Early gameplay test for Scary Mansion

Scary Mansion Demo at Kildonan-East Open House. Testing before the doors open. Parents, staff and students and assistant superintendents have all played the game.

RobotArena – Carlos P

Opening screen for RoboArena

Robo Arena is an advanced prototype game developed by Carlos P., a Grade 10 IDM student. Carlos used Unity3D and the Playgrounds system of assisted game development for beginners. He created the game art using and Photoshop. It is by default a 2 person game, but 1 person can play. Custom code was created to allow for character animations and a modified user interface.

Click here to play Carlos’s Robot Arena Game.