Online Edition – Interactive Digital Media Design – 30S

This is the content page for online version of Kildonan-East IDM Grade 11 IDM Design. This content is produced for students of Kildonan-East Collegiate. Other viewers of this content are respectfully asked to respect copyright. Education inquiries are welcome.

Here is a 2D game designed, and built by an IDM student. Click here to play it.

Experience Level Required

This course offers course content geared to the student’s level of experience, from absolute beginner to experienced developer. Students will be given assignments and assistance geared to their personal level of experience and understanding. All students will be challenged and expected to grow from whatever level they start the course.

Technical Requirements for Students

This course has flexible delivery options depending on the technology available to students, but there are some expectations for minimum technology. If you cannot meet this minimum expectations please contact me at

At a minimum level students must have access to a Windows 10 Computer or Mac computer capable of running WebGL graphics in a web browser. Most computers manufactured within the last 5 years will meet this standard. You can test your computer by trying out some games on this page: Play Games | PlayCanvas | 3D HTML5 & WebGL Game Engine

Students who are interested in learning the basics of game design with use and online graphics tools such as to create game projects. Students will be provided with a bonus code for a 1 year upgrade to their PlayCanvas account.

Students who are interested in learning how to use the Unity game engine should install the 2019.4.1f1 LTS version of Unity available at this link Unity QA – LTS Releases – Unity ( including Visual Studio Community and the WebGL build target. In general, to use Unity, the computer should have 8 or 16 MB of RAM. For 3D games an Nvidia or AMD GPU is best, for 2D games Intel HD graphics will do. Students doing the Unity option will also use online graphics tools such as Students are welcome to chat with me about the installation process.