Interactive Digital Media

2019 Grade 11 Cohort on tour at Flipside XR doing the Zombie Walk. The masks are used under VR Headsets.
2018 Grade 11 IDM Cohort on tour at FlipsideXR

Interactive Digital Media (IDM) is a 4 Year 9 Credit Vocational program that prepares students for post secondary training in a broad range of digital media careers. Students explore and develop skills in 2D and 3D graphics, Animation, Programming and especially in the planning and prototyping processes involved creating Animations, Film, Video Games and VR/AR experiences.

Students can enter the program in Grade 9 or 10 through exploration and introductory courses. In Grade 11 students who declare IDM as a major then complete up to 7 additional credits. Students must complete any combination of 8 credits to graduate. Completing all 9 is recommended.

There are many other courses that will help students prepare for careers in Interactive Digital Media. Art courses help develop an understanding about creating visual illusions. Computer Science courses expand students portfolio of problem solving skills. Language Arts and Social Studies enrich students storytelling, presentation and collaborative learning skills. Performance arts courses such as Drama, Dance, and Band are excellent ways to learn how to work together as a team. Other vocational programs offer intro courses, and courses for non-majors. Photography and Graphic Design share a Visual Language with IDM. The great thing about Kildonan-East Collegiate is the wide variety of option courses available to students.